Hello, I’m Everett Bateman, owner of Bates Bikes.
Bikes have been my passion since 6th grade when I learned how to ride bmx, do tricks, spins and grinds. I quickly learned how to fix and upgrade parts. I started building bikes for friends and would receive parts in return. Having enough parts for an entire bike, I built and sold it for $200. That first bike sale sparked my passion for business.  Throughout high school and college, I continued to build custom bmx and dirt jumpers.

Bikes and business; a combination that lead me to receive my Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship, from Northwood University in December 2020.  I spent four years critiquing my business model and playing football for the Timberwolves.

After Graduation, I turned my sixth grade dream into reality when I bought two e-bikes and started renting them out of my van. After advertising locally, I noticed many riders wanted a hassle free service. I included delivery and pick up and got booked up quickly. I saw the potential early on, adding a trailer and two additional e-bikes.

Now all grown up with a brick and mortar location in Marquette, Michigan, I rent and sell e-bikes. I continue to provide premium customer service and experiences to remember for a life time.

Bates Bikes has been a long time coming; driven by passion, hard work and dedication; words I never use lightly.
Experience it for yourself.  Schedule a rental at https://batesbikes.com or call me at (906)235-8247